Welcome to the Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club Website 

The Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club is based in Parma, Ohio. 
We are an Amateur Radio organization with training and monthly presentation.

Why the Woodchucks? 

 Every club has a distinctive character. Our Logo kind of gives you an idea of ours.  

The Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club was formed by a small group of amateurs many years ago. Evidently they felt they would be more comfortable among themselves as they were all new to amateur radio. The club has advanced beyond that stage but we try to maintain that atmosphere. 

The club owns its’ own repeater (W8BTO) and holds Nets on Wednesday at 8 PM on 145.310, with a PL tone of 110.9, you do not have to be a member to participate in our net. 

We do “Fox” hunts (hidden transmitter hunts) each month during the summer.
We also do demonstrations on Fox hunting to help new people. 

If you are interested in Public Service events or ARES we provide information on these events. 

We are the most laid back club you will find and we take pride in maintaining that type of atmosphere. 

We welcome questions on setting up a station, operation, problems, equipment and provide demonstrations whenever possible.

 Our meetings are not as formal as many clubs, questions on amateur radio are open for discussion to help as many as we can. The only dumb question is the one that doesn’t get asked. 

Everyone is welcome, members, nonmembers, licensed amateurs and unlicensed individuals may join us the 4th. Friday of each month for our meetings at the Bush Community Rooms 7501 Ridge Rd. -- just south of Pleasant Valley. Our meetings start at 7:30 PM and are open to all. 

The laid back nature of our club? 

Take for example Field Day, the most important day of the year in amateur radio. This is the day almost every club and amateur radio operator gets on the air to show that amateur radio can operate under any conditions. Our club moto "Half a Bubble Off' was give to use by Tom Sly WB8LCD the ARRL Ohio Section Manager after he visited the Woodchuck "Cement Tent" for a Field Day Event.

The American Radio Relay League sponsors Field Day and there are categories ranging from solar and wind powered stations to home stations. 

Many clubs take this event as a contest and they run it as such. Attempting to gain as many points as possible to show that they are the best. 

The American radio relay league reminds everyone that this is a test of preparedness and although points are given for certain activities and the results shown in their Q.S.T. publication that this is a day of activities for all radio amateurs throughout the country to demonstrate the capabilities of amateur radio to as many people as possible and not primarily a contest. 

The Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club prides itself on having the most laid back, relaxed and non-contest type atmosphere possible. 

Everyone is invited to join us for Field Day, licensed amateurs, unlicensed individuals and their spouses. 

Each person is left to decide what he or she wants to do. Some sit and watch, some decide to log contacts, and others wish to participate in making contacts. 

As a club we provide control operators so that even unlicensed individuals may operate the equipment and make contacts if they wish, this is legal operation under FCC rules. 

Our dues are $15 a year. Membership applications can be picked up at the business meeting. 

Our dues are due on January 1st. Or at the half year, July 1st, you can join by paying $7.50, a half-year membership. 

In any case feel free to attend any of our meetings as a member or not, again all are welcome.