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The Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club is based in Parma, Ohio. 
We are an Amateur Radio organization the offers training, monthly presentation and other activities.

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April 2022 Woodchuck ARC Business Meeting


The Featured presentation/speaker for the April meeting was Tom Sly (WB8LCD) the ARRL OHIO Section Manager. Tom gave a presentation on his Amateur Radio experience and the ARRL in general.

Tom described the forward direction of the ARRL and the benefits to the Amateur Radio operator and Club of being a member and an affiliated Club.


The Woodchucks have been an affiliated Club since 1989. Most of the Club members are ARRL members and we urge those that are not to become ARRL members.

Tom also donated a End-Fed Half Wave Antenna Kit. This kit is available on the ARRL Website.


To help new hams prepare for the exciting world of HF opening up during Cycle 25, ARRL has partnered with HF Kits to bring you this easy-to-build four-band antenna kit: an end-fed half-wave (EFHW) antenna. Unlike the dipole antenna, which is comprised of two quarter-wavelength wires and fed at its center, the EFHW is a half-wavelength antenna with the coaxial cable for your transceiver attached at one end.



ARRL has partnered with HF Kits to bring you this easy-to-build 4-band antenna kit: an end-fed half-wave (EFHW) antenna. We built it in the ARRL Lab, set it up outside, trimmed the wire for the lowest SWR, and got it on the air. This kit sells on the ARRL website for $69.95.



Congratulation to John (KE8MAI) on winning the ARL End-Fed Kit. 





Tom Sly sends out the PostScript Ohio Section newsletter every Monday morning.  
The April 25th. Edition features the Woodchuck ARC logo on the cover page with a short write-up.

This weekend had been a very busy “Ham Radio” weekend! And, except for a couple of 2-meter
q’s on the road and the PCARS net on Thursday evening, it was all done at audio frequencies –
and in person. Friday I was up to Parma, OH where the Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club meets.
Although a smaller club, they are BIG on Amateur Radio Fun. They are involved in a whole
bunch of activities that keep them both on the air and in the public eye. An important part of
being a successful club. Well done!"



The Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club holds its business meeting along with a presentation the 4th Friday of the month (except in December) at the Busch Community Room, which is located at 7501 Ridge Road - just south of Pleasant Valley Road.
The meetings start at 7:30 pm and is open to all.




The October 2018 Woodchuck ARC Meeting was held on Oct 26 2018.

The Program for the meeting was an overvied on NVIS Antennas presented by Dan KE8DCR



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This is the presentation given by JIm W8NRX ath the January 2022 Business meeting. 



A copy of the Presentation can be found HERE




The Woodchuck ARC meets on the 4th Friday of each month (except December) at 7:30 PM

Meeting Place: Busch Community Room, 7501 Ridge Road, Parma, OH

The public is welcome to attend. 

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