The Woodchuck Amateur Radio Club has been an ARRL Affilicated Club since 1989. 

ARRL Membership Application


If you receive your renewal notice in the mail, fill out the bottom sectionmaking sure to follow the Payment Informaion section and either Mail the material or bring it to a Businness Meeting and the Club will send it to the ARRL.
Mail to: Mike Peters
             Woodchuck ARC
             2742 Burden Dr.
             Parma OH 44134


New Club Commission Program

One of the benefits of being an ARRL Affiliated Club is a commission for recruiting new ARRL members and securing timely ARRL member renewals. The commission structure has been updated and the process has changed to make it more lucrative and easier for the clubs. All membership dues are sent to ARRL to be processed and the club receives a commission payment directly from ARRL. No more complicated adjusting funds around credit cards, checks and cash. ARRL does all the processing. As a result, your club could earn money while promoting the many benefits and programs of ARRL to ensure that amateur radio is protected and continues to be strong. 

FAQ New ARRL Affiliated Club Commission Program

Q. What is the ARRL Affiliated Club Commission Program?

A. The ARRL Affiliated Club Commission Program allows ARRL Affiliated Clubs to earn a commission on new and renewing regular memberships.

Q. How much commission does the club earn for new and renewing members?

A. Each new ARRL member earns the club a $15.00 commission. New members are defined as never having been a member or a returning member that has not been a member for two years. Each renewal now earns the club a $5.00 commission. There is no limit to the amount a club can earn in this program.

Q. What is the process for the club?

A. The club will follow the process for both new and renewal applications

1. Each new or renewing ARRL member should fill out the membership application for Affiliated Clubs.

2. Payment in FULL can be made to ARRL by check, credit card, or cash.

3. The club then sends all applications with FULL payment along with the Club Commission Reconciliation Form to ARRL for processing.

4. The memberships are processed once received by ARRL, and the club receives the commission.

5. Commission payments can be made by check to the club or Direct Deposit.

Q. Which memberships are eligible for a commission?

A. Only regular memberships. Multiyear memberships earn only one commission. Life, Family, International, Blind, and Student memberships are not eligible for a commission.