Happy New Year Woodchucks


I hope the New Year arrived at your shack with all you hoped it would.


The New year brings many opportunities for each one of us as well as the Club.

Thanks to all who attended the Woodchuck Christmas Party at Simons Deli in December. Congratulation to the Door Prize Winners, 4 DXEngineering Gift Certificates were give out.


The January Woodchuck Business Meeting is on Friday January 27th at the Busch Community Room


Membership dues are due, according to the Bylaws:

Sec 6 -- Annual dues must be paid by the January business meeting of each year. (For new members, who join during the period of July through December, one half (1/2) of the regular dues may be paid for that year.)

Please make your check payable to Mike Peters and note that the check is for Woodchuck 2023 Dues. Mail the form and check to the address on the application.

We are asking all members to fill out a new membership application this year.


Please click on this link to access the Membership renewal form.


This form is fillable online and can be emailed back to us or it can be printed out and mailed.

The reason for this new form is we have many old applications that contain outdated/incorrect information. With the addition of the “Lifetime Membership” status we need to have a bit more info on members. If you need an application mailed to you, please contact us.
Otherwise, you can fill out and email the online form back to us.


Speaking of Membership, I would like to welcome our newest member, Jeany - KC3QND to the Woodchuck Family.


Business Meeting Presentations.
Anyone that would like to make a presentation to the members at a business meeting is asked to contact a member of the Board with the details.
If you have a suggestion for a presentation topic we would also like to know.


Net Control

The Woodchucks hold two Radio Nets each week, our 2m Net is held on Wednesday evenings on the Woodchuck Repeater W8BTO, 145.310 pl110.9. The net starts at 8:00pm and usually has 2 rounds.
The 10m net is held on Thursday evenings on 28.435 (alternate frequency 28.460) USB. Depending on band conditions we have had check-ins from as far away as California.

Both the nets are open to all Licensed Amateur operators. Please stop in on one of the nets if for nothing more than to say hello.




January 14, 2023 - 10am to 4pm EST

A six hour contest to inspire amateurs around Ohio to operate FM simplex to simulate repeater-less emergency communications.


Chuck - K8CVM will be operating as a ROVER using the call sign N8ESG/R during this event. Chuck is the Cuyahoga County EC, and will be operating at the times listed on the following frequencies 52.540 MHz, 146.460, MHz, 446.100 MHz (or nearest clear freq).

Will Rover in Medina Count 10am-11am. Lorain County 12pm to 1pm and Cuyahoga 2pm until done.


Modes I will be using:

  • FM Analog Voice

  • Phone – SSB and AM analog voice

  • Digital Voice – any non-analog voice mode carrying voice traffic (YSF, DMR)


More information and complete rules can be found at: https://ohsimplex.org/



Free Amateur Radio License Update Classes


General Class


The Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club will again offer online classes to pass the FCC General Class Exam. The classes will be held via Zoom on six Sunday afternoons from 1:30 to 4:00 PM. The first class will start on Jan 15th. The classes are free and available to all interested hams with Tech licenses or studying to complete their Tech license by the end of the classes. Class materials will be distributed via Google Classroom, and the suggested book is “General License Course Study Guide



Extra Class


“A free, weekly, live Amateur Radio Extra Class Licensing course on Zoom will begin on Thursday, January 12, 2023, and run through Thursday, March 23. Sessions will start at 6:30 PM Eastern Time. Sessions will be recorded. Those attending should hold the General Class Amateur Radio License.

These classes have been held for years and are sponsored by the National Electronics Museum.


The text for the course is "The ARRL Extra Class License Manual,” 12th Edition, and students are asked to purchase and begin reading before the first class. As of Dec 2022, this text is $32.95 from ARRL or the Kindle Edition for $19.95. from Amazon.com.


For those who don't know Rol Anders (K3RA), he may be the premiere instructor for this course anywhere. Rol Anders chairs the committee that selects questions for the question pools for all classes of Amateur Radio License in the USA. Along with his assistant instructor Tom Christovich (K3YH), Rol Anders has helped hundreds of amateurs achieve Amateur Extra class licenses over the years.

To pre-register for the course (preferred) or obtain more information, you can email Rol Anders (K3RA) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or reach him by phone at 410-796-4792”.




01/15/2023 - Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation Hamfest
Location: Shade, OH
Sponsor: Sunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation
Website: QRZ KC8AAV


03/11/2023 - MOVARC Hamfest
Location: Bidwell, OH 45614, OH
Sponsor: Mid-Ohio Valley Amateur Radio Club


03/19/2023 - Toledo Mobile Radio Association Hamfest and Computer Fair
Location: Perrysburg, OH
Sponsor: Toledo Mobile Radio Association


04/15/2023 - Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club Hamfest Location: Cuyahoga Falls, OH Sponsor: Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club, Inc. Website: http://www.cfarc.org